• Leilani Easton

Garage Sale Trail

Well today was the Garage Sale Trail Day where all across the nation people re-use, re-home and re-cycle their no longer desired goods by selling them to their neighbours.

The Baldivis Community Centre held a free stall event for locals to bring their pre-loved goods in to be sold and our Charmers were asked to display some of the fashions up on stage.

Fashion parades are not always about highbrow, high end fabrics and designs ... they are also a fabulous form of entertainment! We had great fun showing off retro goods from The Salvos Store in Port Kennedy and displaying items from the locals free stalls.

This has been our first fashion parade for the year and we were so impressed by our Charmers performance and care for the items (and a couple of the very helpful Charming mothers modelling for us) we have decided to take on more fun fashion parades in the New Year!

The Garage Sale Trail at the Baldivis Community Centre was a sweet, fun, local community event and we hope that we are on their entertainment contact list for more events like this.

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