• Leilani Easton

Beauty in Bloom Class - Skin Care

First week back in just days and I can't wait to see everyone refreshed after their school holidays and to meet some brand new Charm faces.

For our Beauty in Bloom course we are starting the term off with the most important grooming lesson of all (well next to 'personal hygiene' but that's another tale for another time) SKIN CARE. Oh, if only we realised in our strikingly beautiful youth how important it truly was to care for our skin! To start a routine nice and early to religiously treat this largest organ of our entire body protecting and presenting us and our true form. Rather than realising when we started to notice the scars, the lines and sun spots and (heaven forbid) deep creases after the damage has already been done!

Now my mother, bless her heart, tried her best to get me to care for my skin from the age of 10. I'll never forget the Oil of Ulan (now Olay) being squirted into my palm to be rubbed all over my freckled face and my nose turning up at the perfumed smell of the creamy SPF15+ concoction. My mother also telling me that her 'skin specialist' from when she was a teen told her that soap was the best thing for her to use on her acne *Gasp!* and when I was 13 being introduced to Witch Hazel (another delightful odour) feeling like it was melting my skin off my face. Oh how much fun it was to start shopping at the local pharmacy and getting girlfriends over so we could peel and scrub and tone and use blackhead strips on our noses and avoid moisturisers like the plague but were these the best steps to maintaining healthy, happy skin?

Many years later when I was a little unsure about my next step in the journey called life my mother suggested I should go to beauty school. Well, why not? I considered myself a self taught beautician after spending around 15 years spreading dye on friends eyebrows and eyelashes, plucking and waxing my girlfriend's (and most of my boyfriend's) eyebrows and other regions, painting everyone's faces with makeup and buying almost every skin care product from each available brand and not to mention getting in on that spray tan action and spraying anyone who got within a 5 mile radius of me - and trialling all tanning creams and liquids and mousses. Sure! Why not, I already know it all!

Well wasn't I was in for a little surprise. Now through trial and error a lot of my methods were actually correct - but lets just take note of the word 'error'. There were so many things I should have had a better understanding of before pouncing on each victim ... uh I mean dear friend ... such as understanding different types of wax and that they have different methods of application and removal and are more suitable for different skin types, hair types and different regions of the body. Understanding different skin types and not just assuming 'oh I have acne' because you have five zits and therefore using very potent skin care products that are definitely not suited to your skin type. Understanding our what our skin truly is, how important it is and how much we take it for granted. Understanding the science before just looking at the aesthetics.

So this week we are looking at skin care, a little deeper than the image reflected in the mirror, and I hope our Charmers take away at least a few things that they are told and start to take a little more care of that gorgeous organ covering their entire body.

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