• Leilani Easton

The Importance of Table Manners

Table manners - good or bad - are often learnt as child by copying what your parents do or by behaving as you are instructed. In the golden olden days your table manners would reflect your social position as you would learn from watching or be taught by those around you. As families would all once sit around a table to have a meal the repetition of the daily experience would build the habitual behaviour of manners.

In modern society our circumstances are quite different to those of yesteryear. Both parents are often working and there are many single parent families so to juggle all the duties of busier world we now live in the importance of just ensuring everyone eats far outweighs the importance of table manners.

However, as we embrace the changes of our new world it is important we take note of some of the traditions of yesteryear and how they can benefit the youth of today. Table etiquette and polite behaviour at a dinner table shows respect for those around you. It shows kindness, it shows us thinking of others and it shows gratitude. When we behave in a positive manner the wonderful positive vibe gets picked up by those around us and then it comes right back improving the atmosphere surrounding us all.

So as our term focused on table manners begins tomorrow I hope Charmers are asked what they learnt and I hope some parents may even pick up a few of our little tips as they are a delightful mixture of traditional ways and ones to suit us today with the aspiration to positively improve the dining experience for all.

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