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Hair Removal - in the Forest of Blossoming Beauty ... puberty.

This week in our Beauty in Bloom teen class we had fun looking at playing with some unwanted hair removal products and we also spoke about how hair or lack thereof can be desired in some places in different parts of the world but not in others and how it’s desired placement also changes like fashion throughout the ages.

Last week while scrolling through the news feed of a group of ladies online I stumbled across a post that curled my stomach and reminded me why I feel this lesson is such an important one for our young ladies. It was a post from a young lady seeking helpful advice as to what she should do now that she had accidentally tipped scalding wax onto her bare skin on her chest from a wax pot she had ‘warmed’ in the microwave. I scrolled through the comments and she had continued to keep everyone up to date – now in the hospital discussing a potential skin graft. One of the ladies wrote (with kindness in her heart) that this is one of the very reasons people should only go to professionals for beauty treatments.

Now I partially agree with this as there are some amazing beauty therapists out there who will tend to your every need, but in saying this, I have learnt over the years that there are a lot of tint and wax and tweezer blazing amateurs out there claiming to know all and working under big titles. I also feel that these bodies are our very own and if we should choose to remove hair from them then we should be able to do so in the privacy of our own home. Trial and error is often the best way to learn … although it can leave scars to refer back to the lesson.

This true horror story of the lady with the wax pot burns is one I shared with our Charmers this week while we discussed different types of wax and absolute ‘do’s and don’ts’ We also spoke about hair removal cream and some of the effect it can have on the skin to keep in mind if you should decide to start trying a different method. We also looked at razor blades and I laughingly told them the not so funny tale of when I was 11 years old and my bestie and I decided to give our parent’s razors a trial on our legs. We grew up in an outback town and our school was very small, there was no internet back then and my bestie and I just adored girly magazines, in fact these magazines were our helping hand progressing into those teenage years. So after flicking though stories and advice on the pages I decided I would go first and shave my legs. I boastingly approached my very best friend the next day

“I did it! I don’t know what everyone goes on about! I pushed quite hard and did not cut myself at all!”

So of course, my bestie gave it a go that night. The following day her legs looked horrifying! Dried blood up her shins on her knees around her ankles I was mortified! What on earth could she have done? And after sharing this delightful unnerving tale with my Charmers we spoke about different pressure and angles to be applied to disposable razors and the different types of disposable razors on the market.

Such fun!

We had a play waxing a few arms and we all had a laugh and while in an hour we cannot share an entire unit of the beauty therapy diploma we can discuss important points and give our girls just a little more knowledge and share some of the rules to follow as they wander through this enchanted forest of blossoming beauty.

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