• Leilani Easton

What to Wear to Where

Catwalk Crazy is a term focusing on how we present ourselves, taking pride in ourselves and feeling sure of ourselves to perform in our End of Year Performance. In week three we looked at What to Wear to Where with our Little Ladies, Juniors and Tweens and our Teenage class discussed The School of Charm rule of over exposure.

Our Little Ladies and Juniors were really impressive with their understanding what is deemed to be 'smart casual' and 'dressed up' and every one of them participated in labelling the outfit and what event or location it was best suited to. Their thoughts were fascinating and the way they vary shifting up into the pre-teenage ladies is very interesting - especially with each expressing her personal taste in the outfits being displayed!


Our Teenage girls talked about their thoughts on what they thought about The School of Charm rule on over exposure and their views were interesting and there were varying opinions on what is 'too much'. Our rule is to never show all three regions at one time, select one for exposure and cover the rest. For example if you choose a plunging neckline ensure the waist is covered as are most of the legs. Should you choose a mini skirt do not match with a mid-drift top and ensure your not showing excessive decolletage. This rule should always be applied when dressing for any occasion other than a splash at the beach. It can bring a sophisticated style to an outfit that could otherwise be deemed 'inappropriate'.

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