• Leilani Easton

The End of Year Performance

Our End of Year Performance was a little different this year and it was fun trying new things! Firstly we modelled a small fashion parade showing gorgeous accessories suitable for little ladies from Ponytales and Fairytales followed by some surf gear from the fabulous Clearwater Surf in Secret Harbour who we worked with a couple of years ago and it was lovely to meet new staff and see how much the local business has grown! Then our teens showed some truly stunning Australian designer outfits from The Perfect Outfit a new hire and/or buy local business who also dressed all myself and my wonderful helpers on the day and I must say you really can feel the quality in those pieces. Our Charmers then performed their choreographed group routine after our Little Ladies sang a little song for us, we had our afternoon tea and then had a great time with the fabulous Tam taking some fun shots at the back of the room!

A thank you to those who came and watched and engaged in relaxed social interaction after the show, this is the sort of thing we encourage in our students. A really huge thank you of those who helped set up, pack up and vitally - kept the show rolling! To Jo who just brought along homemade scones with jam and cream and other delights it was a lovely gesture and appreciated and enjoyed by many! Natasha another lovely mother who just jumped in to help without even asking and Nadine who helped clean up after - this is the sort of kind nature we admire in ladies. Rachael a food wonder woman coming along to help in the morning and making the most simple plate look absolutely amazing and mixing fruits and cheeses into a rainbow of deliciousness. Deanne from The Perfect Outfit setting up, packing up and dressing the girls with complete calm behind stage no matter the rush. Karen and my mother who were both booked well in advance and were very, very helpful counting, collecting and communicating messages to be from others, also Mum did all the shopping which I am incredibly thankful for. Finally one of my students from a long, long time ago Emma. Emma was my right-hand-lass at the age of 13 and over 15 years later she still co-ordinated, arranged, and organised seamlessly. I honestly do not know that my semi-last-minute decision to try to do things a little differently would have pulled together if not for Emma. Having her there made me feel full of faith that all would come together and very proud that she was once a student of mine.

I absolutely love our graduation performances. I love watching my students beam full of confidence up on stage. I have reduced the performances from biannual to annual ... but we will see if I can wait that long to see them perform again!

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