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Enrolment Day

This coming Sunday will be our enrolment day and I am really looking forward to meeting some new faces and seeing some of my current students and even perhaps some prior.

Leilani glowing with a secret bump at The School of Charm first Enrolment Day June 2015

The School of Charm began in 2015 when I had decided after over 10 years to start instructing again. As it happened, in a style that is seemingly common for me, I discovered just weeks after advertising, arranging insurance, booking hall hire and taking enrolments that I was carrying my second child. As I have always thought "the show must go on" as after all "it will all come together on the day" and it has done.

I have changed the way I hold our enrolment days over the years. At first they were quite proper for folks to come and ask questions and fill in enrolment forms and discuss what we do in class and what our core values are. Now I still do these things but I often felt the young Charmers seemed to desire to speak into the microphone, walk up on the catwalk, touch the skincare and makeup products on display rather than simply speak and listen they wished to participate.

I feel that in today's society so much is done by our youth via visual observation rather than physical participation and a lot of things are often viewed on a screen rather than face-to-face social interaction and hands on activities engaging the five senses. So I decided to make our enrolment days an activity that students would be put in, in an environment where they would be communicating with one another rather than be in a queue with very little interaction. They will stand on their own with parents gone for an hour, they will meet new people and they will have to improvise a little. They will have to work together and they will create a little something to perform to their parents in search of that pride that is such a building stone in children's confidence.

I have seen students make friends in my classes over the years and I truly love this.

I have had young ladies come to enrolment day unable to join classes but they have really enjoyed the experience and I love this too.

Our classes involve a lot of communication and team work with people you may not have crossed paths with and may not usually hang out with and we teach students to do so using appropriate social etiquette, seeing my students put these skills into play I love most of all.

I am really looking forward to Sunday and I hope to see you there.

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