• Leilani Easton

The New Year New Ideas

The School of Charm 2018 is looking at things from a different angle. We have changed our lens and refocused on what we feel really needs to be touched on this year. While we will still be doing lessons in beauty, performance, personal hygiene, posture and encouraging pride and confidence in our students we have recognised how many young ladies are already placing a lot of pressure on themselves due to what they are experiencing via screens.

Vying to be the most aesthetically pleasing in a picture or the most entertaining in a short video feed in many forms of social media – it is almost like everything has become a performance and it does not seem to be reflecting in real life situations, as how one may come across loaded with self-confidence on a screen it has appeared to be quite the contrary in real life.

We feel the very important life lessons that appear to be lacking in modern society are those of social interaction … and not those of replying to a message with an icon on a screen. We are talking about speaking face to face, body language, non-verbal cues and how to respond to others behaviourally and with words.

We want to encourage more engagement with one another by doing more hands on activities and role play in our classes as well as focusing some of our lessons specifically on social interaction. Such as this term we will be looking at table service and how you should interact with those serving and those being served, compliments and how to give and accept them (in person – not in written form) and a brand new lesson this term on feelings, when we should display them and when to try to contain them and how words and actions of ours can affect others and how we should try to reflect before we react “How does this affect me? How could this affect them?”

Classes start back up again this coming Wednesday and I am really excited to see everyone after this long break and to intermingle new students with current Charmers to start off our exciting new term for the new year.

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