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Term Two Coming Up

There was a little clouded shadow of doubt in my mind about running classes for term two. It is really quite curious that as I constantly try to encourage self confidence in my students I had a moment of doubting my own capabilities as the role of mother doubling as the role of ... well almost everything else almost expected of a woman and I let the nuisance of a doubt linger, then it spread and bubbled and grew and before I knew it I was in a muddled wonder of what to do next?

At first I thought perhaps it would be best not to run classes at all. Perhaps I should just focus on my two little ones and strive to be exceptional at that.

Well, that was an unlikely thought.

For two weeks I tried to talk myself into preparing to walk away at the end of term but after each class my heart felt heavy at the thought of not seeing these amazing young ladies each week. Watching them grow. Seeing the positive changes. Spending time with them and laughing with them and having fun with them. In fact I realised that the face-to-face social interaction between my students and myself is truly a reciprocal benefit.

So then I got a little crazy the other way.

Big plans! Big Dreams!

Let's ramp up! More! More! More!

A little time off and then ... well and THEN ...

More days, more classes, more space - why, my own premises!

Dang it I could open a retail outlet! Not to mention the events to be held! And the weekend work and the gatherings and ... and ... and ...

Well, that too was an unlikely thought.

I have wanted to return to teaching these classes I hold for well over ten years. In fact a couple of weeks back my mother handed me a pile of my old books and diaries and there are so many plans and ideas and lessons scrawled on the pages it was really inspiring. The thing is I am at that stage where I am very fortunate to try to balance that attempt at being an exceptional (okay, perhaps just a loving and striving) mum with living my own dream of helping other young ladies recognise their amazing self worth and understanding and respecting that of others.

So, I turned it back up and then I toned it back down.

I decided to reopen my small beauty room from home to ease that wild desire to do something more and I also decided to hold a photo session next term for Mothers Day.

The second week back of Term Two we will be diving straight into a photo session - but not just our Charmers - our Charmer's amazing mothers too. The outstanding mothers I have met who are all so different, doing things each in their own way and who each may be fighting the never ending battle that I feel I am in striving to achieve the best for their daughters and the best in themselves.

May it also be noted that Charmer students have a discounted fee should they come the The Natural Beauty Den for treatments. Students receive a heavy discount on spray tans for school balls and the such and should hair removal and/or any other treatment be discussed to the stage of trial please contact me first. It is safer to put yourself in the hands of a professional rather than trial and error for some things.

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