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Enrolments Soon to Open ...

Term Two has been just delightful so far. I have had a very full Little Ladies class who fill me with laughter each week. My Junior Tween class has been such a mix of beautiful, developing personalities and I have loved how open and honest they have been discussing each of our topics this term and supportive of one another. And my teen class leave me beaming every week after class with their enthusiasm and attention, their ability to socialise comfortably with one another and their creativity!

We have run our "Miss Manners 2" course discussing a variety of subjects such as giving and accepting the apologies and the importance of letting go, "meetings, greetings and farewells" that is a lesson on traditional style of manners that should never fade such as how to politely introduce people and to acknowledge when you do see them out and about and to walk them to the door when they leave after visiting your home and so forth. We also had a class with discussion on personal hygiene - a topic that makes some Tween/Teens cringe but it should not as there is no shame in being a lady and everyone should understand never to feel any. We toyed with tongue twisters and volume levels speaking about elocution and pitch and had photo shoot with our folks for Mothers Day. Next week will be another fun photo session in the Mary Davies Library amongst the books.

Term Three enrolments are not yet open, I do have a waiting list collecting names for the moment and current students always get first preference to return to classes. We will be running "One Lump or Two" next term and there are a limited number of places in each class as we learn a blend of traditional and modern table manners each week leading up to our tea party which this year will be held at a venue (to be confirmed) where we will have games and tests and a photographer catching all the action. There are no added costs for the tea party and the photographs cost $5 for everything taken should you wish to purchase them.

So enrolments are not yet open - but watch this space as they will be opening very soon.

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