• Leilani Easton

Ladies Luncheon - Charmers at Kent Street

A morning of fitting dresses from The Perfect Outfit followed by a fun photo shoot then a quirky Leilani prac test with cutlery and crockery and napkins and manners while indulging in delicious Kent Street Deli food for a light lunch ... could you really ask for much more on the first day of Spring?

Well, our Teen Charmers had an absolutely fabulous time, it almost felt as though we owned Kent Street strutting up and down the way with a swing in our step in glamorous outfits and a glisten in our eye.

The other patrons were so kindly interactive with nods and smiles and the staff helped immensely by offering another room for fittings when our Charmers became a little banked up trying on delightful different collections from The Perfect Outfit.

This was the first lunch we have had in a cafe or restaurant for "One Lump or Two" a focus on table manners for our youth and we were most pleased with the result of the event space at Kent St Deli and not having to prepare everything and clean up afterwards!

Until next year ... One Lump or Two?

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