• Leilani Easton

One Lump ... or Three?!

Term Three, our third year of operation and our third delightful "One Lump or Two" tea party coming up!

I do believe good things come in threes and I try to take a little something away from each of our tea parties to improve on the next so I am really looking forward putting everything into play in just a couple of weeks time.

Throughout the term we have looked at the role of the napkin, how to set the table, the role of the hostess and that of the guest and how it is best to practise these manners all of the time to remember how to use them when it is the most important to do so. However, at our actually tea parties we can throw a little more caution to the wind as although we must be polite and courteous to one another we must also have plenty of fun!

There will actually be an attendance of almost double what we have had previous years which makes me very happy as it means The School of Charm has slowly grown over the years and also a little nervous as it is quite a number of young Charmers to have at a tea party. I am so thankful to the amazing mothers who have offered their assistance this year and also to Jayme a Charmer in her teens who I have seen grown into a beautiful young lady over the years.

Our table layout will be with the assistance of Wishes and Dreams Kid's Party Themes and I am excited to see what frills and lace they have on offer. The photographer will be the lovely Kylie who we have had on various occasions and she will be in her element of natural light and beautiful young faces to capture on and off guard.

Now all we need to hope for is some fine weather! Each tea party has been in the Autumn or Spring and although days around each event have been rainy each tea party has been fine (a little chilly) weather ... so, as I say I do believe things come in threes.

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