• Leilani Easton

Graduation 2018

Some Christmas cheer to wrap up a wonderful year with everything from fun with elocution to making natural facial masks and tea parties in the park by the lake and luncheons at Kent Street Deli. We had a great fun photo shoot at Mary Davies Library and several performances at the delightful Decadent C's and local schools. We always try to include all of our Charmers to make everyone feel important and put them into situations that help them brave their nerves and improve their confidence. I loved having my Charmers up on stage to close the year again and I must say I am getting more teary each year that passes.

2019 already has so much in store for us. I will finally run our first ever Ladies Classes where our beautiful mums can turn the focus to themselves for a long awaited change and the whisper down the line is that they will be modelling fantastic outfits from the fabulous Niks & Keeks. We will kick start the year with a favourite course Beauty in Bloom with glitter and glam and fruit and vegetables and another course we have not run for some time Strike a Pose will be dusted off and up and running by term two.

I wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy new year. See you back in 2019!

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