• Leilani Easton

The School of Charm First Ever Ladies Class

I have finally decided to go ahead and run our first ever Ladies Class!

For our first ever course we will be focusing on some proven time-tested personal deportment and grooming skills looking at polished elegance in your personal style, embracing your natural beauty with tips on enhancing it and the absolute thrill of participating in a fashion parade showing your new found talents to an audience.

Our Lessons will include -

  • Posture perfection. Walking in a straight line, bending to pick things up, how to sit and stand drawing only the best attention.

  • Fashion rules. From undergarment “yes” and absolute “no-nos” to footwear styles suitable for certain occasions

  • Beauty tips. Basic nail care, make up and fake tan.

  • Regular use of the microphone to familiarise yourself with its workings and the public speaking rules

  • Regular catwalk rehearsal working towards our fashion parade

The added extras (and really exciting things) included in this course are -

  • A free spray tan the week before our fashion parade in our skin care, fake tanning lesson (you will be advised to come prepared the week before the lesson)

  • A talented hair dresser and makeup artist, the young Teagan Gallichan, doing all your hair and makeup the morning of the fashion parade (we will have some bubbles and nibbles on hand to calm the nerves – ONE GLASS rule before performing after performing you can go a little crazy and The Chase is just across the thoroughfare should we have a little celebration afterwards)

  • A guest speaker Robyn Paterson a talented personal stylist coming in to talk fashion

  • The fashion parade event where you will be wearing gorgeous, affordable outfits or accessories from the local retail outlet Niks and Keeks and being photographed by the Dream Catching by Kylie with photos for you to treasure

… and of course, having a great fun once a week with a small group of other beautiful ladies all working together and encouraging each other.

This course will run for an eight-week duration and the classes will commence 5th February 2019

Class times will be Tuesday evenings 7:30-8:30pm at the Mary Davies Library

The term fee is $230 as an upfront payment or there is a payment plan available.


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