Parent Participation

September 20, 2018

Parent Participation Day. 


Our final class for each term except term four.


The class that has some parents shake in fear and student Charmers gleefully jump up and down at the idea of which parent they will get to come along.


So why do we regularly hold Parent Participation and what is it all about?


It is a chance for our folks to come in and see what we have been learning throughout the term. To meet the faces to put to the names our Charmers have mentioned who they have met in our classes. To have some fun and interact with other folks you may not otherwise cross paths with.


It is an opportunity to stand in our children's shoes for a moment ... that first moment of getting up and speaking into that microphone, that first moment of getting up on that stage with all those eyes looking at you and not just the eyes of your children but the eyes of your peers and how terrifying it can be, how unsure or awkward you may feel, how empowered you may feel or perhaps how much excitement you have at the chance to show off.

Really experiencing it from their view point.


It is a chance to demonstrate to your child how confident you are and how it can be a little scary to you too.

To show how to be a fantastic audience member and performer. To show how to interact with others with ease.


The person they look up to more than anyone else.

The person they draw from, reflect and learn from.

The person they are so proud of.


It is a chance for us to demonstrate to you what we have learnt and a chance for you to show us (and yourself) that you can do it too. 










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